Indecent exposure is a serious sexual crime in Texas that can place you on the sex offender’s registry as well as expose you to jail time and hefty fines. If you have been arrested or contacted by law enforcement, do not offer any statements. Call a sex crimes lawyer immediately.

No matter the deed that resulted in an arrest or charge, whether it is public nudity, a public sex act, or public urination, each individual has a right to defend himself or herself. With Price & Twine, PLLC, you won’t be alone in your defense.

Sex Crimes Defense Lawyer in Williamson County

Crimes of a sexual nature are very serious, but can also bring the weight of the criminal justice system down on an innocent person. Every individual, regardless of their culpability or actions, needs a criminal defense attorney to seek the best outcome for their particular case. The court of public opinion may judge wildly, but in the court of law, you are innocent until proven guilty.

Attorney Michael J. Price seeks justice for clients in Georgetown, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander, Taylor, Hutto, and surrounding communities. If you are facing the charge of indecent exposure, call (512) 354-1880 today. In a free, no-obligations consultation, we will review the facts and answer any questions you have.

Indecent Exposure Info

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Indecent Exposure Description

The Texas Penal Code Sec. 21.08 defines indecent exposure as the exposing of the anus or any part of the genitals with the intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person. Additionally, there must be recklessness about whether another person is present who will be offended by the act.

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Penalties for Exposing Oneself

The penalty for indecent exposure is a class B misdemeanor punishable by up to 6 months in jail and $2,000 in fines. With a clean criminal record, the court may agree to deferred adjudication or probation in lieu of time behind bars.

If the court grants deferred adjudication, there is a probationary period after which the charge stands, but there is not a finding of guilt. A background check will still expose the class B misdemeanor charge, though you can legally fill out an employment application as having never been convicted of a crime.

With probation, the find of guilt is applied, though no jail time is served. During your probationary period, you may not be found guilty of any other violations of law lest you be required to serve jail time. Typically the court will require the completion of a sex offender treatment program with a probation or deferred adjudication ruling.

After a second conviction for indecent exposure, the defendant will be required to annually register as a sex offender for ten years. Sex offender status will limit any vocation involving adolescents or education, can restrict your living options, and will open you up to public scrutiny.

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Defenses to IE Charges

The state has a difficult burden to prove guilt of indecent exposure. They must show beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant:

  1. Exposed their anus or genitals;
  2. Had the intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire any person, including the defendant;
  3. Was acting recklessly with regard to the presence of another person who may be offended or alarmed by the act.

If the prosecution can be presented with mitigating evidence, they may dismiss the charges. As noted above, a beneficial option to jail time may be deferred adjudication or probation. Price & Twine, PLLC will take your case to trial if the situation demands.

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Indecent Exposure Defense Lawyer in Georgetown

An experienced Georgetown criminal defense lawyer is invaluable through a criminal trial in Williamson County. Price & Twine, PLLC is available to answer your questions about the charges you are facing.

Call us today at (512) 354-1880 or complete an online contact form to schedule a first consultation. With no charge and no obligation, we will speak about your case and the best way to resolve it. In every instance, proactively addressing the charges as early as possible is beneficial for your freedom.