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Domestic violence, otherwise called family violence in Texas has received attention from the state as well as from district attorneys in all jurisdictions. In Williamson County, the county attorney assists in the prevention and prosecution of domestic violence through protective orders, prosecution of domestic violence crimes, and community outreach. The state contends that domestic violence has gone on behind closed doors for too long and is now taking a proactive approach to combatting domestic violence.

To combat domestic violence in Williamson County, officials are pursuing protective orders to safeguard victims and their families and they are not shy about utilizing all of their resources to prosecute defendants who are charged with domestic violence crimes.

Once local law enforcement becomes aware of a possible criminal offense such as assault, terrorist threats, or a violation of a protective order, it becomes the prosecutor’s duty to move forward with the charges and seek a conviction on behalf of the accused. The victim in the alleged offense cannot choose whether or not to press charges since the defendant is being accused of committing a crime against the state.

Only the state has the power to dismiss a criminal charge. The County Attorney’s Office located in Georgetown routinely prosecutes cases where the victim is unwilling to testify or cooperate with law enforcement at trial.

The County Attorney’s Office handles a huge variety of domestic violence cases occurring in Williamson County. Assistant county attorneys look at the facts of each case, the suspect’s prior criminal history, the impact of the crime on the defendant’s family, and other factors when requesting a punishment for trial or when determining a plea bargain offer.

Plea bargain offers and punishments in family violence cases can vary widely from voluntary counseling and dismissal of charges to one year in jail. Community supervision or probation through the Williamson County Community Supervision and Corrections Department are designed to offer the defendant the opportunity for rehabilitation while ensuring the safety of the victim.

If you have been arrested on domestic violence charges in Williamson County, remember that early communication between the state and the defendant’s defense attorney can facilitate a favorable plea bargain or even better, a dismissal of charges depending on the facts of the case. Considering what you stand to lose upon a conviction, it’s vital that you seek representation from an aggressive and experienced Round Rock defense attorney.

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