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Most people have heard of probation in criminal charges, but deferred adjudication is something that many people do not know about until it is offered to them.  Deferred adjudication is a type of probation, but unlike standard probation it does not carry a conviction.  In court, you may be offered a plea deal.  You will have to plead “guilty” to accept it, but the Court will not find you guilty immediately. It is “deferred” because the if the probationary conditions are met, the judge will dismiss the case and you will not have a conviction on your record.

So, will your criminal record be clean if you take this deal?  Possibly.

The charge will still be there, but you may be eligible to get the record sealed or non-disclosed.  This means that if you fulfill your probation requirements—which often include things like meetings with your probation officer, costs and fees, community service hours, counseling, and sobriety—you may have the opportunity to get it sealed from public view.

With deferred adjudication, you have the chance to get your case dismissed and your record sealed. However, if you do not follow the terms by doing things like missing court dates, skipping court-ordered activities, or failing to pay restitution, the judge can—and most likely will—convict you and make you serve up to the full sentence.

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