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Everybody makes mistakes. Price will fight to protect your lifestyle, reputation, and future.

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Don't let a DWI put your life off track. Let Michael Price fight to defend your best interests.

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“Experience and Dedication When You Need it Most.”

In seconds, your life can change forever with the flashing of red and blue lights. Even a misdemeanor conviction can impact your life in a variety of unexpected ways. With the widespread use of background checks by employers and housing managers, it's important to do everything possible to avoid this unfortunate outcome. Remember that you are not alone. An experienced criminal defense attorney who understands the tactics necessary to defend your rights and pursue a positive outcome can be a strong ally as you fight these charges.

With over a decade of experience practicing criminal law in Texas, Michael J. Price has represented numerous men, women, and youth throughout the state. They have a deep understanding of what defendants may face against the prosecution, which can be invaluable in building a strong defense strategy. Regardless of the charges you face, Law Office of Michael J. Price P.C. uses proactive defense strategies, attention-to-detail, and knowledge of the Texas criminal justice system to vigorously defend your future.

When facing criminal charges you are fighting for your freedom, your livelihood, and your reputation. You should not leave your defense to chance when the stakes are so high. Contact Law Office of Michael J. Price P.C. today to learn more about the implications of the charges against you and how to best combat them. Call (512) 354-1880 or contact us online to discuss your case during a free, comprehensive initial consultation.

Georgetown Criminal Defense Attorney

As a Texas criminal defense lawyer, Michael J. Price has represented individuals in a variety of criminal cases. He understands that even a misdemeanor conviction for possession of a controlled substance can block a person from future employment opportunities and even housing options, in many of the same ways that a conviction for felony assault can. His law firm's focus on criminal defense allows him to defend clients with confidence and skill, even if the odds initially appear against them.

Law Office of Michael J. Price P.C. represents clients from Williamson County and Bell County in a variety of criminal misdemeanor and felony cases. His practice areas include DWI/DUI, domestic violence, sexual offenses, assault crime, drug charges, juvenile offenses and other areas. Law Office of Michael J. Price P.C. also provides dedicated counsel during critical administrative matters, such as license suspension hearings, domestic violence injunction hearings, records sealing and expunging, and early termination of probation.

You can rest assured that Law Office of Michael J. Price P.C. will do whatever necessary to secure a positive outcome. They are never satisfied in taking the easy way. Your case will be rigorously examined from every angle, revealing any flaws, inconsistencies, and weaknesses in the prosecution. While some cases never see trial, the attorneys of Law Office of Michael J. Price P.C. are experienced trial tacticians and use these details to create strong reasonable doubt, weakening the case against you.

A close relationship with clients is also a priority for Law Office of Michael J. Price P.C.. This means that you will receive not only dignity and respect but open communication. This is critical in creating an atmosphere where you can discuss your unique situation directly and freely with Mr. Price. Sometimes the smallest details can create a significant impact on the case. These can be effectively revealed by an attorney who keeps you informed, knows what questions to ask, and provides common sense guidance during this difficult time.

Georgetown DWI Defense Lawyer

Texas leads the nation in drunk driving crashes and fatalities. As a result, one of the most prosecuted crimes in Texas is DWI (Driving While Intoxicated, also referred to as DUI or driving under the influence). The Lone Star State has some of the nation's harshest DWI laws. Men, women, and youth under 21 can find themselves facing a long list of severe penalties, even for a first-time offense. Among other things, this can include jail sentences, expensive fines, driver's license suspension, and substance abuse counseling.

Any one of the penalties associated with a DWI arrest can spell trouble for your life. The conviction itself can even come with an unfortunate social stigma. However, it is possible to avoid such a fate. With the assistance of a Georgetown DWI attorney, you can combat these charges and get your life on track after a DUI arrest.

Law Office of Michael J. Price P.C. understands the techniques used by the prosecution in DWI cases as well as the scientific evidence that is often the foundation of the case against you. Unlike what crime scene investigation shows typically portray, scientific evidence is not always perfect. You must consider the circumstances that led to the evidence being created and the process in which the evidence was investigated. Even in cases where breathalyzer tests showed a blood-alcohol level above the legal limit, medical conditions, interference of other technology, and the simple act of burping can cause errors in results.

Once you have been arrested for DWI in Texas the clock immediately begins ticking against you and the prosecution begins to build its case. Don't wait until the last minute to retain defense lawyer, whether you are facing a first DWI in Williamson County or Second DUI in Bell County. Remember,you only have 15 days after the arrest to dispute your driver's license suspension. In both the criminal and administrative aspects of your case, a strong early defense can also be highly beneficial. Contact Law Office of Michael J. Price P.C. to discuss your legal options in detail during a free consultation.

Dedicated Legal Protection, Every Step of the Way

A strong defense begins well before you ever set foot in the courtroom. It is important to contact a defense attorney in Georgetown as soon after arrest as possible. Without proper legal representation, it can be easy to get your allies confused and give the prosecution ammunition to use against you. You may feel compelled to state your innocence to law enforcement, but this can be harmful to your cause. Conflicting or vague details can be used against you later on by the prosecution. This is why Law Office of Michael J. Price P.C. will work with you from the very beginning.

Pay close attention to the Miranda Rights that are read to you during the arrest. Not only do you have the right to remain silent, which is helpful in avoiding the above scenario, you also have the right to have an attorney present during questioning. In situations of related to theft charges in Georgetown, you should also maintain your silence and wait to speak until your lawyer is present, even if questioned by loss prevention employees or retail management. Law Office of Michael J. Price P.C. will protect your constitutional rights during questioning and help you avoid self-incrimination. Don't let law enforcement try to take advantage of you or a loved one without an experienced attorney at your side.

Law Office of Michael J. Price P.C. can also provide invaluable assistance during the first appearance, where your appearance dates and bail bond are determined. With persuasive evidence that you are not a flight risk, your attorney can help you be released on your own recognizance, until your next court date. In other cases, the bail bond can possibly be lowered to an amount that is more reasonable to your situation.

In situations where the case can potentially be dismissed without a trial, his knowledge of the law can help effectively present pre-trial motions such as a motion to dismiss or a motion to exclude evidence. It is, therefore, important to discuss your case with a Georgetown misdemeanor and felony defense attorney early on. Law Office of Michael J. Price P.C. will also work with your financial situation if it is an obstacle in obtaining the legal representation necessary to protect your future.

Proudly Serving Georgetown, TX and the Surrounding Areas

Like it's home state of Texas, the city of Georgetown offers a comforting dose of Southern hospitality to its residents and visitors. Known as the Red Poppy Capital of Texas, Georgetown is a city based on the beauty of Victorian architecture and charm. Georgetown has also contributed important findings to the study of archeology, up to 9,000 B.C. and is one of the only Texas cities that can claim that honor.

Given the unique aesthetic, cultural, and historical significance of the city, Law Office of Michael J. Price P.C. is proud to call Georgetown home. Their diverse group of clients comes from all walks of life and throughout Williamson and Bell County, Texas. This includes not only Georgetown, but Round Rock, Cedar Park, Killeen, Temple, Leander, Taylor, Hutto, and nearby communities. Law Office of Michael J. Price P.C. gladly defend the rights of local citizens in whatever criminal situation they face.

Protect Your Future with Dedicated Legal Guidance

Beyond the criminal charges against you, the effect of a conviction can also be damaging to your reputation, relationships, and many important opportunities. Make sure that you are doing everything in your power to avoid this fate. Law Office of Michael J. Price P.C. will work with you to combat these charges and fight for a case dismissal, reduced charges, minimized sentences, and other positive outcomes. With their honest perspective and realistic approach, you will be working with an attorney who will fight hard for your better tomorrow.

Call (512) 354-1880 or complete an online contact form today to begin setting the foundation for a solid defense, whether you have been arrested for a crime or suspect that you may soon be. Let our lengthy courtroom experience and knowledge help guide and support you during this important chapter in your life. The initial consultation is free and will help you take the first step towards regaining your freedom.

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