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DWI with a Child Passenger

 A Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charge in Texas can carry serious consequences.  It is important to know that these consequences may be elevated if there is a child passenger in your vehicle. According to Texas Penal Code section 49.045, an individual can be charged with a DWI with a Child Passenger in Texas if he…
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Tis the Season for “No Refusal” Weekends

Post Written By Brooke Price With the holidays fast approaching, it’s important to know your rights if you get pulled over for a DWI or DUI. In Williamson County, holiday weekends are typically “no refusal” weekends. Since Texas is considered to be an “implied consent” state, “no refusal” means that if an officer suspects that…
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PSA: You can refuse to blow

Post Written By Brooke Price If you’ve just been pulled over for a DWI, the police officer will try to administer field sobriety and breathalyzer tests.  It is a common misconception that refusing the breathalyzer test will mean that you are admitting guilt.  However, that is not the case. If the officer who pulled you…
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Drunk Driving Isn’t the Only Way to Score A DWI

By Brooke Price Before ever getting a driver’s license and starting the engine for the first time, we are told repeatedly about the dangers of drunk driving.  We are taught that the legal limit is 0.08, uber is installed on every cell phone, and a reliable designated driver is established. But what happens when we…
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Hiring an attorney for a DWI in Williamson County

By Brooke Price  In stressful world of COVID-19, being faced with a DWI conviction can be incredibly overwhelming. Alcohol use has significantly increased in the past few months as people are asked to stay home and social distance. While those arrested in Williamson County may not have a court for up to 60 days thanks…
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Collateral Consequences of a DWI

By Brooke Price  Convictions for DWI offenses can have significant lifelong repercussions. A charge for a DWI offense can range from a class B misdemeanor to a felony, and anywhere from 72 hours in jail with up to a $2000 fine to up to 99 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. Consequences…
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Texas Finally Gives Drunk Drivers ‘Second Chances’

September 1 marked the date that House Bill 3016, the legislation more commonly known as the “second chances” bill signed into law by Governor Greg Abbott on June 15, went into effect. HB 3016 amended the Texas Government Code such that allows certain first-time, low-level offenders to seal their criminal records. It is important to…
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