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On May 7, Attorney R. Scott Magee secured a mistrial for a client-facing capital murder charge. When the prosecution team failed to present new evidence in time for the defense team to review it, Attorney Magee requested a mistrial. The prosecution team’s new evidence entailed a video that had been recently time-stamped just a few days before the trial and the defense team knew nothing about this valuable information.

Although the new trial date was originally set for January 26, 2015, the trial has now been moved to March 30, 2015. This extended period of time has given Attorney Magee ample time to review the timestamp evidence and craft an aggressive defense on behalf of his client.

Because of the intricacies of capital murder cases, Attorney Magee is working tirelessly to represent his client and ensure that his rights are protected in court.

Attorney R. Scott Magee has secured countless positive verdicts for his clients and anticipates a similar outcome in March. Our firm has 15 years of hands-on trial experience and is passionate about achieving successful outcomes for all of our clients. For future updates about this case, continue to refer to our blog.

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