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By Brooke Price 

In stressful world of COVID-19, being faced with a DWI conviction can be incredibly overwhelming. Alcohol use has significantly increased in the past few months as people are asked to stay home and social distance. While those arrested in Williamson County may not have a court for up to 60 days thanks to COVID-19, quickly hiring an attorney remains as important as ever.

Here are four (4) reasons to consider hiring an attorney ASAP to handle your case:

  • A DWI charge can negatively affect future employment— The unemployment rate is soaring, and many people will be searching for jobs as the county slowly reopens. We want you to put your best foot forward by reducing penalties and possibly being able to expunge or seal your record.
  • We can help you fight your driver’s license suspension— If we request a hearing to contest your driver’s license suspension within fifteen (15) days of your arrest, we will be able to delay— and in some case— avoid any suspension. Depending on the severity of your case, your CDL or Class-C driver’s license can be suspended for a year or more. You also may be required to do community service or driver’s safety courses. Hiring an attorney can help lower the severity of your consequences and save you time.
  • You can reduce financial strain— A DWI conviction can come with significant fines. The cost of your car insurance alone can go up hundreds of dollars per year. According to QuoteWizard, first-time offenders can save up to thousands of dollars by hiring an attorney to negotiate on your behalf and reduce the time it takes to resolve your case.
  • Peace of mind— We are all feeling the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic. Having an attorney to handle your case can ease your anxiety and let you focus on keeping your family safe and healthy.More than ever, we want to help you save your time and money so you can focus on the important things: protecting your family and your livelihood.If you have been charged with a DWI offense it is important to have proper legal representation. With over 25 years of combined legal experience, Price & Wiggins, P.C. can properly represent you and advise you of your rights. Don’t face these serious consequences alone. Give us a call so we can review your case.

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