If you find yourself in trouble with the law and have prior Texas traffic convictions, you may be considered a habitual traffic offender. In the Lone Star State, if you have enough instances of traffic violations on your record, not only will your insurance be through the roof, you also may have your license suspended.

Considering how important personal transportation is in a sprawling, highway dominated state like ours, a license suspension can have a serious negative effects on your ability to live life in a normal fashion. If you have been issued multiple traffic violations and are considered a habitual traffic offender in Texas, it is important that you work with a criminal defense attorney who can help you avoid serious consequences.

Georgetown Habitual Traffic Offender Attorney

A speeding ticket here or there will not have much of an effect on your driving record and insurance rates. But once the number of violations reaches a certain saturation point, there are many negative ramifications that could result. A criminal defense attorney at your side can help you remedy the situation in a timely manner, allowing you to get back on the road.

Michael J. Price and Mark Brunner are Georgetown attorneys who are well-versed in Texas traffic laws and will use this legal insight to develop the most productive and efficient defense for your particular case. They are committed to their clients and making certain their individual rights are protected. This translates to aggressive and measured representation that puts you in a favorable and strong position to beat the allegations and move on with your life.

To schedule a free consultation to go over the details of your HTO status, call (512) 354-1880 or send an online message. In addition to serving Georgetown residents, Price & Twine, PLLC also proudly represents individuals throughout Round Rock, Cedar Park, Killeen, and Temple, among many other cities.

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License Suspension Laws in Texas

According to Texas Transportation Code §521.292, the Department of Motor Vehicles shall suspend the person’s license if the department determines that the person:

  • Has operated a motor vehicle on a highway while the person’s license was suspended, canceled, disqualified, or revoked, or without a license after an application for a license was denied;
  • Is a habitually reckless or negligent operator of a motor vehicle;
  • Is a habitual violator of the traffic laws;
  • Has permitted the unlawful or fraudulent use of the person’s license;
  • Has committed an offense in another state or Canadian province that, if committed in this state, would be grounds for suspension;
  • Has been convicted of two or more separate offenses of a violation of a restriction imposed on the use of the license;
  • Has been responsible as a driver for any accident resulting in serious personal injury or serious property damage;

As a result, according to the Texas Transportation Code, a habitual traffic offender license suspension is likely if you have been convicted of four or more moving violations, such as speeding, in one year. Or, if you have been convicted of seven or more in two years.

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Administrative License Revocation Hearing

An individual who has received an administrative license suspension or revocation can request a hearing from the Department of Public Safety headquarters. This hearing is commonly known as the administrative license revocation hearing. The request for the hearing must be made in writing and must be submitted within 15 days, according to Tex. Transp. Code Ann. § 724.041.

If the request is submitted within the first 15 days, the State Office of Administrative Hearings is required to hold the hearing in front of an administrative law judge, before the effective date of the suspension. This is generally 40 days after the alleged offender receives notice of the suspension, but will not be before the 11th day after the person receives notice.

The alleged offender’s license is suspended until a final decision has been made by the administrative law judge at the hearing. Once the administrative law judge issues and signs the decision as to the suspension, it is final. At this point, you will either have your revocation deactivated or you will be informed of the suspension period.

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Price & Twine, PLLC | Williamson County Habitual Traffic Offender Lawyer

If you or a loved one is dealing with a license suspension or a multitude of traffic violations in the state of Texas, now is the time to work with a criminal defense attorney in Georgetown who can help clean up your charges so you can move on with your life.

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