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When Drinking Leads to Violence

By: Brooke Price

Studies have shown that domestic violence frequently occurs alongside substance abuse disorders, with alcohol being a major factor.[1] Although drinking is never an excuse for committing assault or any other acts of violence, impairment can impact a person’s judgement, perception, and processing abilities. Simple miscommunications or underlying traumas may be exacerbated when intoxicated, increasing the risk of violent behavior in those predisposed to it.

According to Texas Family Code § 71.004, you can be charged with domestic violence if you:

  • Attempt to or inflict physical harm, assault, sexual assault or cause bodily injury to another family member, household member or person you’re in a dating relationship with; or
  • Threaten a family member, household member, or person you’re in a dating relationship with a type of imminent physical harm, assault, sexual assault, or bodily injury.

Some common examples of domestic violence offenses include domestic assaultsexual assaultaggravated assaultstalkingcyberstalkingviolating a protective orderabandoning or endangering a child and child abuse.

You can be found guilty of domestic assault if you knowingly, recklessly, or intentionally inflict bodily harm, threaten the victim with imminent bodily injury, or make physical contact with the victim that can be viewed as offensive or provocative.  If you are convicted, you may face severe penalties, including jail time and heavy fines.

If you were intoxicated and accused of domestic violence in Williamson or Bell County, you should seek immediate counsel. Call the attorneys at Price & Twine, PLLC today so we can review your case.


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